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Monday, May 16, 2011

memories memories mammories

A long time ago, in about ninth grade, our school was still in those old portables on 12th St. 
I remember that it was the second to last day of school, and the sun was shining quite normally. However,
we were forced to go sit in an assembly and watch some of the drama kids perform some 'theater'. Right. 
Anyhow, Sydney, Maren, Casey DeDore (If any of you remember that poor lost soul), and myself decided that we were not going to be subjected to such an entrapment. Instead, we decided to do something devious. 
We stayed in Mrs. Davenport's room, and she, being old and senile, (though not as much as she is now) didn't even notice that we hadn't gone with the class. We set up her John Wayne cardboard cut-out figure and propped it in the doorway. A last touch was adding a disease-ridden wig from Hendrix's classroom. John Wayne looked like this: 
We turned off the lights and stayed until Mrs. Davenport remembered us. It was about an hour later...
But as soon as she walked in, she opened the door and HA! There was John Wayne with his lovely wig greeting her. She had a heart attack and immediately fell on the ground, knocking over John Wayne and landing the wig right on top of Casey, who was running out the door. Fortunately, he pulled it off quite well. Of course I tried to recessitate Mrs. D, but as soon as she regained consciousness, I bounded out the door. Who should be there but Mr. Hughes. I think that was the first time I noticed how entirely large his whole circumference was. That was before the biking, though. Anyhow, that was the start of my trouble making life at IACS. Fond memories. Cionara, high school. College, you better be ready for me.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

señor projekt

Sydney and I had an okay senior project. It was a concert. In the blackbox. 
There were two guitars,
one mandolin,
once cello,
two chairs,
one rug,
one Sydney,
and one Olivia.
Together we made May West and His Gypsy.
We got the name from a couple of lepers in a leper colony. They were dressing up for a Mardi Gras party.
There were many cookies and much coffee.
There were not many people,
but at least Nan and Leann and Jef and Hudson showed up.
My dad recorded the entire thing and then forced me to watch it. It was terrible.
Sydney and I spent too many hours together in the process of working on this project.
It's amazing that neither of us have killed each other or ourselves.
The best part about this project was when we were working on a particular song
and all of a sudden it came together, like a hand clap. 
We could make good music. After that, I felt invincible. I could do anyting.
I was content to die. 
I'm glad that the stress is over, but hopefully May West and His Gypsy's career is not.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Show And Tell

 The I-Ching is an ancient Chinese Book of Changes. Many people use it to think about problems or uncertainties that they are experiencing. When I have a situation that I can't seem to figure out, especially if it's a very personal thing, I use the I-Ching to get an answer. Although it seems like you're trying to divine the future, really you already know the answer to your problem. The I-Ching just gives you multiple ways to think about how things could turn out. 
In using the I-Ching, you have to interpret the hexagram pattern. These are all the possible hexagrams:
it's possible you could've gotten hexagram 23, which looks like this:
Hexagram 23
The wine skin and the knife
No harvest proceeding probing
The great image says:
"The mountain is attached to the earth, Stripping. The high ones make their house peaceful by generosity to the low ones."

Basically it'll tell you a few different interpretations of this, and you can interpret it yourself. It'll make sense to you at the time of your question.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

spring break

My spring break was boring up until the last two days. 
I slept and slept and slept. Then I ate macaroni and cheese.
On Monday, I took a risk. I picked up an old friend and went to 
a coffee shop in Meridian for open mic.  However, it wasn't just any old friend.
It was the best and worst person I've ever met in my life and I hate them and love them at the same damn time. After everything. We drank cups and cups of black coffee and then I drove recklessly to an old pine tree in the middle of the night and we sat and talked about things on our mind and one thing led to the next and we were back to where we were when we first started on a crazy journey down a whirlwind road.
I am caught in this whirlwind and it has hurt and hurt and hurt not just me but everyone around me and I am sorry and you said you like hurting and to hurt but I am going to heal you I swear.

Getting back to school was dumb. Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks. 

Monday, March 21, 2011


This week has been awful, thanks to a certain someone.
Apparently, they think I'm stupid enough to buy drugs at school. . . 
In-school suspension was okay. I got to listen to my music and I finished
the English assignment pretty fast, I mean in comparison to the rest of my day.
Seriously though. Collins told me she was actually 'CONCERNED'
that I was 'USING'. Hahah she even called me 'alternative'.... I suppose it's better
than being called indie or hipster. Or faggot. 
Eating Skittles was the highlight of my day. Until Kelly the Klepto 
totally swiped them from me and I didn't even notice until 
she had eaten the whole bag... She's kind of a **** but I love her.
Also, I'm tired of a certain couple touching each other in front of me.
GOD. I can't believe I used to do that. I kinda want to rip out their kidneys. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

To Get Stoked On Life (Seeking Illumination):

 a list of things.

1. i <3 huckabees, wristcutters, a scanner darkly, waking life
2. don't stress. everything's going to be ok.
3. go camping this summer.
4. just float with the music. (we all float on, okay)
5. lose yourself in everything.
6. do what you need.
7. pay no mind to lesserminds.
8. pineapple smoothies in sunlight.
9. sleep in the grass and sky. which is which?
10. create beauty
11. don't be so damn serious.
12. sherlock season 2!
13. play music on the street.
14. channel inner 70s detective. (take down prostitution ring?)
15. people watch.
16. egg d-bag's house...?
17. taco bell.
18. a weekly tea.
19. learn to cook surprising recipes.
20. ride bikes.